Anonymous asked: Is kendall considered a healthy weight

According to the BMI chart, for her height, she is underweight.

Anonymous asked: I'm so sick of people saying shit baout kendall and kylie they are teenagers just like us!!

But, they aren’t. Sure they have to deal with the same typically girl problems like the majority of us, But Kendall and Kylie will never be anything like a normal teenager. They were already set for life at a young age. They are millionaire teenagers. Nothing about their life is typical, i’m so sorry but i am so over people being so blinded to the face that Kylie and Kendall are so ordinary. They can’t help it, they were born into it. I’m also quite sure than most of what the media says about them don’t take much effect to them anymore, because as you can tell in interviews they mostly laugh it off. Some of it may though. “Normal" teenagers don’t do home schooling to fly across the world to different countries to model, or go to book signing. Or get a Mercedes g wagon or ranger rover on their 16th birthday. I’m so sorry if i cam eacross rude because that wasn’t my intention. xx